My Fitness Pal

my fitness pal 2So before Thanksgiving, my husband and I went on a meal plan from a local health restaurant. We got 4-5 meals (mine were 4 plus my liquid egg breakfast, see previous post) everything was meticulously calorie counted to ensure weight loss and to stay within your calorie content maximum. The only problem was you have to be very disciplined, and while I thought I was, I just couldn’t take having very little variety. I mean, there is only so many times a day you can eat tilapia. I also felt suppressed by not being able to go out and eat anywhere else, or have lunch with my friends. I needed a better solution.

I recently read an article that showed a guy who was on the Paleo diet and got FAT! Like Fat Fat. The diet just didn’t agree with him, and then he lost tons of weight eating ice cream and Subway. How you may ask? Well weight loss is about creating a deficit between how many calories you eat and how many you burn. You have to have a 500 calorie deficit for 7 days to lose one pound of fat.

So how can you eat what you want, live your life, eat out, and still lose weight? Well I used the My Fitness Pal app. It’s a free app you can get on your smart phone that allows you to add the food you eat each day to lose weight. You put in all your information; height, weight, age, how much you want to lose, etc. It tells you how many calories a day you can eat, and you put in food and exercise. You can even scan the barcode on pre-package foods, and ingredients you cook with.

Even if you go over your calories every single day, and don’t lose any weight you still are becoming aware. You will be amazed at how many calories some of your favorite foods have for the good and the bad. It’s amazing how you can scarf down your total caloric intake in just a few donuts or go well over with a dinner out and a glass of wine. If you are aware, you can at least make a choice. my fitness pal

I personally have had successful weight loss using My Fitness Pal and exercise. Do you want to know the best part about My Fitness Pal? It’s FREE!!!!! That’s right it’s a free app. You have nothing to lose, but your excess weight. However try to avoid using the preprogrammed calories in the app, because anyone can put anything they want it. So, when eating in chain restaurants look up the calories on their website and when cooking at home, scan labels.
Good luck losing weight!!!!

The Best Foundation Brush and the Secret to Getting it Super Clean!

Foundation 2Today’s blog post is two- fold, the first part is about my favorite makeup brush and with that I can’t help mentioning my awesome foundation I use with it. The second part is about the super exciting way to clean said brush (it’s the little things in life, right?).

So, about 5-6 months ago I went to see the Fabulous Fonda Lee at the Fonda Lee Beauty Bar. I explained to her that I didn’t like heavy face makeup and that I used a mineral powder makeup. Well, Fonda Lee tried this mousse foundation ($55) which I loved, but the brush was amazing ($50ish)!!!! I had to have it! So, this foundation brush made my face look like it was airbrushed! It was fantastic! It will totally change your life! Literally other people I know have gone on their own, also with my encouragement, and gotten this brush and they completely agree! The foundation is amazing also, but you could use any foundation you are attached to with it, but the mousse is definitely worth trying, it goes on like butter! Again, I know several other people who rave about it.

So, I’ve been using it almost every single day, I have used it with other foundation products also. So, I had some built up makeup in it over the weekend (I think from the other “darker, for when I have a tan” foundation I have been using). I was running my finger nails through the brush and it was getting stuck under my nails (gross!). I couldn’t get it all cleaned out. Until….I used OLIVE OIL to clean it. Only a little bit, but I was amazed! A lot of the staining I had in my brush were even washed out I was so happy and excited (like I said it’s the little things)!

So here’s what I did. I put a small amount of olive oil in the palm of my hand and swirled the brush around in it, as I would if I was putting foundation on my face. I made sure to get it in between the hairs to get all of the product out. I then cleaned my brush again with antibacterial soft soap. My brush is brand new again!!!! It’s the best brush cleaning trick ever! Definitely try it on your brushes if you have any gunked up ones you need to clean.

If you’re interested in this awesome foundation brush and want a flawless look, not like those paintbrush looking foundation brushes (yuck!). There’s even a new slanted version to get under and around your eyes better (I wish I had that one). Get in touch with Fonda Lee by visiting her at the Fonda Lee Beauty Bar in Mid Town in Palm Beach Gardens, FL or if you aren’t local contact her via her website at Be sure to check out the smooth and flawless mousse while you are at it.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Highlight?

highlighter tube 2You know the difference between having your makeup done by a professional and doing it yourself? The highlighting and contouring! It seems like everywhere I look recently there’s someone showing you how to use different color foundations or concealers to paint your face up to contour it. The people in the pictures look crazy, and I don’t know about you, but it looks a little bit difficult to master at home on your own.

Now, in studying makeup artistry, I have learned how to do the crazy looking concealer contouring too, or as my friends like to call it my clown makeup. I do it when I have somewhere important to go, or if I’m having photos taken, and I definitely do it when I am doing someone else’s makeup for photos or events. However, for everyday life and work I don’t need, nor do I have time to do all the crazy concealer contouring tricks.

But I do have one that I do even for my natural look that just gives you that little extra glow. I use a little bit of highlighter above my eye and along my upper cheek bone and it makes a big difference.

I have tons of makeup, I mean it’s out of hand, so when I was looking through my Sephora Birthday gift I found a great Benefit highlighter that came in a tube like a lipstick, and it was a gold color. I like it especially because it was free, but I think a pink tone is better for this highlight. So, I went looking and found a fabulously-affordable dupe for Benefit High Beams ($26) in ELF Cosmetic’s Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal. Ready for this…it costs $1! Does it get any better than that?

You only need a small pearl sized amount each time for both eyes. I make three dots; one in the middle above the eye, one right beside the eye, and one below in the center of your eye on top of your cheek bone and then I rub them together in a “C” shape until it fades to perfect glow. (See pics below)

You have the perfect easy highlight for on the go that will make you glow. This trick will make you instantly look and feel better. Buh-Bye tired looking eyes. Slap on the face make up, your 3D mascara, this highlighter, and some lip gloss and you will look amaze-balls on the go in less than 5 minutes flat. No one will ever know you’re a crazy busy, tired, mom on the go!

highlighter dots 2highlighter 1highlighter blended

Get your Essential Shimmering Facial Whip here:



I know this is going to sound gross….

eggs2But I assure you it is not! I like most busy moms on the go have little to no time to eat. If I don’t have to get up to go to work or somewhere else (ha ha, that rarely happens anymore) I sleep until my son gets up and we get up and ready for the day together. Well, he gets up and needs to be fed, changed, dressed, etc. and there is no time for me to make myself anything for breakfast. I’m sure, as most new moms, I was trying to get healthy and get back into shape, so I needed an easy and healthy option for breakfast on the go.

Now, I wish I could put this all on being a mom, but the truth is I am notoriously late. It is my plight in life to be constantly running late. I used to make protein shakes and smoothies for breakfast thinking I can drink them while I got ready or driving in my car, but no matter how much prep work I did the night before it took forever to make them in the morning, even with my time saver “the bullet.” Plus I never had time for a morning coffee because I was trying to consume my shake.

So my husband and I worked with a local health restaurant after our son was born to have healthy meals made that would aid in weight loss and ease the stress of meal planning and preparation. I was given a great alternative for breakfast, although I admit it sounded disgusting at first.

Egg Whites International Pasteurized Egg Whites are highly pasteurized liquid egg whites that you can drink. Now you are probably thinking about Rocky swallowing raw liquid eggs right now, but it’s not like that. These eggs are cooked, so there is no risk of salmonella or anything thing else that could make you sick, and they are pure protein. They give all the benefit of eggs without having to cook them and without all the “bad” stuff in eggs. They don’t have a smell, or a taste, they only have a milky like texture. They come in a pump container that you keep in your fridge and each pump is equal to one egg.

I promise you it isn’t as icky as it sounds. I have swallowed them shot style, it wasn’t delicious t but it wasn’t gag worthy either.

So what do I do with these liquid eggs you may ask….I add them to my coffee! That’s right I put them right in my coffee with a little stevia and almond milk or I make myself a latte and add them to that. You don’t taste the eggs. So the best part is, you get your caffeine fix, you get pure protein, and you save time because you are drinking your breakfast. So while I’m feeding the baby, or driving to work I have a delicious and nutritious breakfast without all the fuss. I get the protein I need and my metabolism gets a kick start from the coffee or espresso. You might be wondering if I feel full following drinking the eggs and the answer is yes. It’s not an” I just ate a full big breakfast” full feeling, but it’s the fullness of a protein shake or smoothie.eggs4

It’s been a total lifesaver for me and it’s aided in my weight loss/healthy life style. If you can get pass the idea of drinking eggs you are golden. I get mine from the local health restaurant, but you can order them online, and some health food stores carry them as well.

One word of advice though, don’t re-heat your coffee once you add the eggs, or you end up with little chunks. I learned the hard way! 🙂 YUCK!!!!!

Hot Tots!

My husband and I religiously watch the Shark Tank; it’s one of our very favorite shows. We also constantly order various products off the show.

hot tots 4I always wanted to have a little boy so I could spike his hair into a mohawk. I think there are few things cuter than a little guy with spikey hair. So when I was pregnant with my son and had serious heartburn, I figured he was going to be born with hair, so I ordered my Hot Tots infant hair gel.

Hot Tots is an all-natural organic, hypoallergenic, soy and gluten free hair care line designed by a regular mom for infants and toddlers. I felt confident in using this product for this reason. So I ordered it and sure enough my son came out with hair and as soon as I thought he was old enough I spiked it. I would say he was about 3 months old when we gave him his first Mohawk. It was adorable.

I really love the Hot Tots Sweet Pea Serum. It’s easy to use, gives great hold, and smells fantastic. I know it’s safe for my sweet baby’s skin, hair, and eyes if he sweats and it dripped. My little man was “The Bird Man” for Halloween, if any of you follow basketball specifically the Miami Heat; you know who I am talking about. He had his awesome mohawk and fake tattoos and he was the talk of the neighborhood.

If you have girls or boys look into this line for your little ones. Not only is it a great product, but your supporting another mom and her small business.

Hot Tots has several other products in its line, so check them all out.

The Longest Lashes Ever With Mascara! No Falsies Needed!

My all natural eyelashes and my lashes with 3D mascara!

My all natural eyelashes and my lashes with 3D mascara!

So you might be wondering what you are going to do until your own lashes reach epic length. I found the perfect mascara to make it look like you have eye lash extensions; you get the length and fullness of false lashes without the obviously fake look. It’s by a brand new natural company called Younique and they have awesome 3D Fiber mascara. It goes on in 3 easy steps, gel, fiber, gel and it washes off easily with soap and water. You can repeat the various steps to make your lashes as long as you want, one coat for a quick trip to the grocery store, or 3 coats for a night out on the town.
My lashes are naturally longer plus I use the Grande Lash MD, and then the 3D mascara to create outrageous lashes! Not only do they look longer, but they look fuller too! People stop me on the street constantly to ask me about my lashes and always think I have extensions. Even my mom asked me if I was wearing false lashes the other day, but no, they are all mine!!!!
I was so impressed with the mascara and other makeup because of their natural ingredients that I decided to get involved. I figured I was selling so much walking down the street, that it made sense for me to benefit when others bought this amazing mascara.
Since I placed my order and having been using the 3D mascara, they came out with a new formula that is even better. The one coat of the new formula is equivalent to three coats of the old formula! I put up a picture of my natural lashes and then my lashes on “lash crack” with the old 3D mascara and the other picture shows one eye with the old formula and one eye with the new formula. It’s unbelievable.

Left side is the old formula and the right side is the new!!!! All orders from this blog will get the new formula!

Left side is the old formula and the right side is the new!!!! All orders from this blog will get the new formula!

If you want to get your own 3D mascara you can buy it through my Younique Independent Presenter website at Since I am an Independent Presenter for the company I have decided to host a show especially for my blog readers. I’m also going to have a raffle for a lip gloss or pigment of your choice for blog readers who make purchases during this party. I’ll choose a winner before midnight on April 11th, 2014 and the winner will get their chose of lip gloss color. To purchase from the party, please make sure you shop from the link below.


Get ready to have lashes like Bambi, I can assure you that you won’t want to miss out on getting your own 3D Fiber Mascara!
Shop the party now

My model has regular mascara on the left side and one coat of the old formula on the right side. When I use a demo mascara with disposable wands you don't get the full results, but you can definitely see the difference!

My model has regular mascara on the left side and one coat of the old formula on the right side. When I use a demo mascara with disposable wands you don’t get the full results, but you can definitely see the difference!

3D in case


Perm and Dye…Your Lashes!

cropped perm and dyeHere’s a great way to look fabulous from the moment you wake up… perming and dying your lashes. I know it sounds crazy, but it is amazing. Just because I did this does not mean I don’t still wear mascara! It makes it look even better because my lashes now stay curled all the time!

You know those people at the gym, pool, and beach with the mascara streaking down there face? You so don’t want to be that girl, do you? Well, dying your lashes eliminates this problem, sometimes you just want to run out of your house and not worry about putting anything on. I love having my lashes permed and dyed for this reason, I wake up looking refreshed and put together.

cropped perm and dye 3My lashes tend to be a little unruly and clumpy (see picture from previous post) and perming them keeps them separated and untangled. It also gives them a nice natural curl without an eyelash curler. I personally quit using my eyelash curler after the second time it cut my lashes in half (fool me once…). So now I can have them curled all the time and dark without having to do any work. It looks like I have mascara on, but I don’t and no streaking when I get out of the pool. It’s fantastic.

It takes about an hour and a half to have the full service done, but for a busy mom you definitely get that time back and then some when you can rush out the door to 9:30am music class without doing anything and you don’t look like a total disaster. I of course always put my 3D mascara (learn more about this in my next post ) on if I have other eye makeup on to make my lashes really pop, or if I know I’ll be out in the land of the living all day long. The dye last about 4-6 weeks and that portion of the service only takes about 15 minutes. The perm last until your lashes fall out or about 2 months or so. If you have both services done is will probably cost about $105 depending on where you go, and dying your lashes costs about $20-35. It is cropped perm and dye 4much easier to find someone to tint your lashes than to perm them. I only know one person locally who provides this service.

I definitely recommend this service after growing your natural lashes out with the Grande Lash MD. It is the greatest time saver for the busy mom on the go! It also makes a huge difference in the way you feel especially when you are tired or feeling like you don’t have the time to primp like you used to.

If you live in Sunny South Florida, call and make an appointment with Joyce at Dr. Koger’s office in Jupiter 561- 748-1565. She will get you all set up and looking amazing in just an hour and a half! She is awesome at what she does!